This is a day (1) When Doves Cry
and (27) Money Don’t Matter 2 Night
it’s 2016 and not (20) 1999
and I’m no longer living the (14) Pop Life
but it’s all a (10) Sign “O" the Times
so I (2) Kiss good bye to the lucky (17) 7
with (4) Cream, a (5) Batdance and a (6) Raspberry Beret,
missing my (11) Little Red Corvette and my (36) Pink Cashmere
as (32) Anotherloverholenyohead without fear
like (13) Thieves in the Temple for (12) Diamonds and Pearls.
People (38) Call My Name in (31) The Morning Papers
and say (29) LetItGo (23) Gett Off and (7) U Got the Look,
(16) I Would Die 4 U, (28) I Hate U, please (25) Take Me With You,
I’m a (22) Partyman and (19) I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man
so (33) Let's Pretend We're Married/Irresistible Bitch living in (18) Alphabet St.,
under the sky at (26) The Arms of Orion away from the (40) New Power Generation;
let's drive through the (24) Mountains of (30) America causing
(37) Controversy and being the (15) Delirious (35) Hot Thing
since in my eyes you're (9) The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
and so I want to give you the (39) The Greatest Romance Ever Sold
with (8) Purple Rain, Purple Rain, Purple Rain, I will say:
(21) I Wanna Be Your Lover so (3) Let’s Go Crazy together
‘cause (34) My Name Is Prince and I’ll be with you forever